An Introduction to Web Hosting Servers

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Web hosting services can help you get your website off the ground. This video will explain what web hosting is so you can understand how to use it for your business.

A web server is the home of the website. Web hosting services offer you space on a server for a price, but it’s less expensive than building and maintaining your own server. Web hosting services include SquareSpace, WordPress, GoDaddy, and more.

There are various types of web hosting services. The most affordable option is to use shared hosting. Your website is run on a server with multiple other websites. While it’s the most affordable, it may not be the best bet if you have a larger company or want more security.

Dedicated servers are the next step up. For the increased price, you get a whole server that is entirely dedicated to your website. It offers more security, better performance, and more control.

You are welcome to try and build your own server, but it’s a big responsibility. You can control everything, but it’s also up to you to keep everything running. Web hosting services take maintenance and technological problems out of your hands and deal with them for you.

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