How to Pressure Wash Brick Paver

Now that summer is here, it is time to rent or break out your own pressure washer to get your driveway looking nice. In this video, you will learn some of the steps involved in paver pressure washing.

The Lawn Care Nut chose to add an attachment to his pressure washer to clean his driveway. Attachments can be very helpful for tough stains or extremely dirty driveways but are not always necessary.

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The first step to cleaning your driveway isn’t actually using a paver pressure washing method at all but instead cleaning up the grass around the driveway. You want to make sure that the grass is shorter so it does not get in the way of your power washing.

Now it is time to use the pressure washer. Before starting on your driveway, it’s a good idea to mess around with the paver pressure washing tool beforehand. While it might just seem like a fancy hose, pressure washers take a bit of force and muscle to control. Once you feel comfortable with the machine, you can go ahead and start on your driveway. Start from the front and work your way side to side, and then down, ensuring you hit every part of your driveway.

The video recommends that you conduct thorough driveway cleaning every year.