What is Competitive Obedience Training for Dogs?

Competitive obedience training for dogs is a captivating discipline where dogs and their owners collaborate as a team to execute a set of precise exercises. The training, explained by an experienced dog trainer, involves participating in competitions across the UK, showcasing the incredible bond between handler and dog. In these contests, the duo tackles progressively challenging exercises, with the ultimate goal of demonstrating seamless teamwork.

The trainer highlights that all dogs, irrespective of breed, can engage in competitive obedience. However, to compete in Kennel Club licensed obedience shows, dogs must be registered on the Kennel Club’s activity or breed register.

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The emphasis is on creating a robust relationship between the owner and the dog, as obedience is fundamentally about teamwork.

Training sessions incorporate a variety of rewards, including toys and treats, to make the learning process enjoyable for both the trainer and the dog. The core exercises include heel work, recall, retrieve, scent, send away, stay, and controlled retrieve. As participants advance through different classes, the complexity of exercises intensifies.

Entering a competitive obedience competition requires pre-entry, and judges evaluate the accuracy of completing exercises. Winners are determined based on the fewest errors and lowest marks. Prospective participants are encouraged to locate local Kennel Club registered obedience clubs to embark on their dog obedience training journey. Engaging in competitive obedience promises a rewarding experience for both dogs and their devoted handlers.