Choosing the Right Pool Tiles

There are many different customization options available for backyard swimming pools. One feature that homeowners installing new pools will need to choose is what type of water line tiles they want. Here’s a basic overview of what water line pool tiles are, what different varieties exist, and how to choose the best type for your pool.

Water line tiles are the tiles installed just below the edge of a pool. In addition to looking aesthetically pleasing, these tiles protect a pool from sun and chemical damage.

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The tiles are typically made from either porcelain or glass, and they come in a wide variety of colors and sizes.

What type of tile is best for your pool depends largely on your personal tastes. Blue or teal tiles enhance the color of the water in a pool, while earth tones match well with natural-looking yard designs. Most pool owners choose square tiles, but if you want to get more creative, you can opt for custom shapes and sizes.

Choosing the right pool tiles can be difficult, as you don’t want to hate the way your pool looks after it is installed. It’s important to work with an expert designer and ask them for input on what would look best in your yard.