How Fire Sprinkler Systems Work

Fire sprinkler systems have existed for over 120 years. Throughout time, they have protected thousands of residential properties and businesses. They have also protected outdoor environments and cityscapes. The design and installation of automatic fire sprinkler systems run in accordance with the safety laws of the country they are placed in. Let’s jump into how fire sprinklers work.

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A fire sprinkler has a head with a threaded body to connect to pipework and a valved seal to hold back water. High rises in temperature build up a high level of pressure in the system that shatters a bulb inside the system that releases the valve system and releases an even distribution of water droplets in a specific pattern over the fire.

Different sprinkler system heads have varying designs that each cope with different fire risks, operating temperatures, and operational requirements. Different hazard levels call for different sprinkler systems, so it’s important to match the environment’s hazard and size levels with the proper fire sprinkler system. The greatest number of deaths in fire-related accidents has to do with the inhalation of toxic gases and heat, rather than direct contact with flames.

For more information on the function of fire sprinkler systems, check out the fire sprinkler training video we have linked above.